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Sales and licensing: +420 736 540 575 (Yvonna), Tech. support and design: +420 602 692 001 (František)
→ English or Czech spoken.

The most important is... the License.

→ We have several standard Licenses, but most companies need it adapted for their specific demands - our Sales dept. will be happy to help.
Educational License means half the list price for students/teachers. To apply for a Discount Voucher, kindly send us your school ID (will be verified).

What files I get?
→ .otf (OpenType) fonts packed in just one compressed .zip file per purchase. Such packing makes your download faster and reliable. The unpacking utilities are freeware (such as Stuffit Expander, RAR, etc.), but most likely your system is already capable to unzip anything.

How about font formats?
→ Please check your OS and application for the OpenType (OTF) capability, as we produce and sell OpenType fonts only. If you are running Office or Corel, you must have TrueType (TTF) installed instead of OpenType - don't hesitate to ask our tech support for them, your TTFs are FREE along with any OTF purchase.


Hello, I have a Mac and your fonts don't work at all!!!
→ Just clear your font cache - 99,9 % of all cases are solved by this.

Hello, I have a question about your TTFs: Could you tell me the differences between the Opentype and Truetype versions of your typefaces? Does the TTF version contain the same glyphs as the OT version, or less? And is the TTF version compatible for both Mac and PC? And what happens to the licence when I would buy a new computer? Can I transfer the licence to my new computer from the old one?
→ TrueType font format is best for office applications, OpenType works perfectly with professional DTP (Desk Top Publishing) programmes such as InDesign. Stormtype TTF fonts contain exactly the same number of glyphs as their OTF counterpart since they are generated from the same source file. However, due to the nature of TTF, some functions (SmallCaps, Ligatures...) are reduced. All our fonts are Mac/PC compatible, same files work on either OS. Our Licence is fully transferrable under the condition you'll erase the fonts from your old machine.

How can I install fonts?
→ On either Mac or PC, locate the Fonts folder in Control Panels and simply drag our fonts by mouse onto it. Reboot your applications, done. Do so vice-versa for uninstalling. There are many so-called font manager utilities (free or commercial) which can do that for you, among many useful additional functions.

Installing fonts on Windows 7:
→ Very easy. Right-click on your font's icon and select Install or Install Alias command. To uninstall, go to Fonts folder in your Control Panels, select and Delete the unwanted fonts.


Storm Type Foundy on-line shop is an internet shop where you may select, buy and download fonts directly to your computer or order printed materials for physical shipment.
Prior to your first order, you need to complete a free registration form, where you should submit correct information about your person or company. This information is necessary for us to complete a correct printed invoice, which is then sent to your postal address.
For the companies registered in European Union in VIES system (list of VAT registered companies), it is important to include a correct VAT number. Your VAT number will be checked by the VIES system automatically to ensure the VAT validity. In case you submit a valid VAT number, you will not be charged with the VAT on your invoice, and you will be required to apply a Reverse Charge at your domicil.
Other companies and private persons in the EU area will be charged with a VAT according to the 6th EU-Directive. NON EU citizens and companies may shop VAT-free, and in such case, you are asked to undergo the appropriate local tax procedure on your own, according to your domestic law.

Select the desired goods and click on the «ADD TO CART» icon. The selected item appears in the Shopping Cart on the right side of a browser window. Click «REMOVE» or click the small red checkbox in the Shopping Cart to remove items from Cart.
Your Shopping Cart displays the selected items, the number of licenses or a number of of printed materials, and the calculated total amount per item. Prices are displayed in EURO or CZK depending on your registration. The price does not include a VAT and a shipping fee for printed materials. You can continue shopping, adding more items into your Shopping Cart.

In the Cart, change the number of users/CPUs/domains as desired. Remember that the list price of fonts covers up to 5 licenses, so the price of one to five licenses remains the same.

When you have finished selecting all the desired items, you need to login into the system, unless you have done that already. Click the «CHECKOUT» icon. A new page appears, displaying a summary of your order, now including all shipping fees, the VAT amount (if applicable), and the total price of your order. If you need to change anything, click the «CANCEL» icon. Otherwise, your order is ready to be processed.

ORDER PROCESSING BY 3D Secure Credit Card Payment by Česká Spořitelna
In cooperation of Česká Spořitelna, member of Erste Bank Group, offers a secure way of internet payments. 3D-secure implements high-definition secure standards of associations MasterCard and VISA. This solution guarantees maximal security level of private informations to customers. All informations are transfered direct to secured server ČS with payment gateway and STF does not have an access to these informations. Transaction takes about 10 seconds and authorisation performs in three steps among issuer bank, Česká Spořitelna and MasterCard/VISA. Please mind careful right kind of payment card because not all payment cards are suitable for using in 3D-secure system. As optimal we recommend payment by Internet Card, which can be locked and payment limit is adjustable as desired.

PayPal is the alternative payment method accepted at our online shop, so you will need a valid user account at PayPal. If you do not have one yet, please do register your account at. If you have an account at PayPal but you use it only seldom, please check the expiry date of your cash card registered with your PayPal account. The payment will be charged to your cash card or widthdrawed from your bank account, depending of your PayPal account configuration.
Please do remember that for security reasons, no personal information from your PayPal account is transfered to our server. This is guaranteed by PayPal.

Now you will see the Checkout window with a summary of your order. Click the «PAY WITH Credit Card» or «PAY WITH PayPal» icon. You will be redirected to a Card Processor's server to log in to your account and to process the order.
After your order will be processed successfully, you will be redirected back to our online shop into the Download section.

The items you have paid for may be found in the Download section, where they will be stored for 30 days consecutive to your payment. For downloadable items, click the download link and store the downloaded ZIP file on your computer. The files may be expanded by any ZIP expander, such as StuffIt Expander or WinZIP. After unzipping, you may install the fonts onto your system. The downloadable items are not in any way tied to a computer from which you processed your order. Thus, you may, for example, visit a friend, if your internet connection is too slow. Then you only log in to your account at our server, download the items, save them to a removable medium and take them with you. Please do consider the license agreement in case you are downloading a font to other than your computer.
If you ordered printed materials, in the Download section, you will find an order status instead of a download link. Once your order has been shipped, you will see the status, whether the shipment has been completed or shipped partially. When you receive the goods, please click the order status and select an appropriate confirmation of receiving the order. Although the shipment status has no influence on the order, this will help us to keep track of the speed of order processing.

In case you realise an order in value greater than nill, you can download your invoice in PDF format. Just click the link «download invoice» in Download and save the file in the appropriate place.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate and contact our support staff. We are ready to help you 24/7.


Font Formats: We sell only OpenType (OTF) fonts for Mac and PC. Make sure your application supports OTF and don't ask for PostScript Type 1, please. TrueType format only available on demand.

All Stormtype fonts are "double-byte" encoded, regardless to its format. The OpenType have an important added value called Functions or Features, which are usable in professional graphic applications such as InDesign.

Marks of OpenType functionality:

Central European Diacritics
Euro Currency Sign
Standard Ligatures
Discretionary Ligatures
Small Caps
Numeral Variations
Scientific Superiors & Inferiors
Stylistic Alternates
Arrows and Ornaments
Long s and middle f

What is "Pro" extension?
Some foundries put their -Pro extension to any font having just a couple of extra accented characters beyond the ISO-Latin-1 codepage.
Before we call a font -Pro, it must contain at least true small caps, ligatures and oldstyle figures, while full Central- and East-European diacritics is a nature of ALL our fonts. In addition, our -Pro fonts may contain non-latin scripts such as Greek and Cyrillic.

Single-byte font. A font that represents each character with a single byte, and is therefore limited to 256 or fewer characters. (example - JBaskerville (discontinued))
Single-byte font

Double-byte font. A font that uses two bytes (16 bits) to represent each character, thereby allowing more than the 256 characters. (example - Baskerville 120 Pro)
Double-byte font

What practical benefit it delivers? All languages are set with the same typeface, so philologists don't need to switch between different fonts. Scientists will enjoy properly designed superiors, inferiors and fractions, while type gourmets may relish dozens of ligatures, doublets and ornaments. (example - Baskerville 120 Pro)

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