Stormtype help

Sales and licensing:

+420 736 540 575 (Yvonna)

Tech. support and design:

+420 602 692 001 (FrantiĊĦek)

Language support:

English or Czech spoken

The most important is... the License.

We have several standard Licenses, but most companies need it adapted for their specific demands - our Sales dept. will be happy to help.
Educational License means half the list price for students/teachers. To apply for a Discount Voucher, kindly send us your school ID (will be verified).

What files I get?

OTF (OpenType) fonts packed in just one compressed .zip file per purchase. Such packing makes your download faster and reliable.The unpacking utilities are freeware (such as Stuffit Expander, RAR, etc.), but most likely your system is already capable to unzip anything.

How about font formats?

Please check your OS and application for the OpenType (OTF) capability, as we produce and sell OpenType fonts only. If you are running Office or Corel, you must have TrueType (TTF) installed instead of OpenType - don't hesitate to ask our tech support for them, your TTFs are FREE along with any OTF purchase.


Hello, I have a Mac and your fonts don't work at all!!!

Just clear your font cache - 99,9 % of all cases are solved by this.

Hello, I have a question about your TTFs: Could you tell me the differences between the Opentype and Truetype versions of your typefaces? Does the TTF version contain the same glyphs as the OT version, or less? And is the TTF version compatible for both Mac and PC? And what happens to the licence when I would buy a new computer? Can I transfer the licence to my new computer from the old one?

TrueType font format is best for office applications, OpenType works perfectly with professional DTP (Desk Top Publishing) programmes such as InDesign. Stormtype TTF fonts contain exactly the same number of glyphs as their OTF counterpart since they are generated from the same source file. However, due to the nature of TTF, some functions (SmallCaps, Ligatures...) are reduced. All our fonts are Mac/PC compatible, same files work on either OS. Our Licence is fully transferrable under the condition you'll erase the fonts from your old machine.

How can I install fonts?

On either Mac or PC, locate the Fonts folder in Control Panels and simply drag our fonts by mouse onto it. Reboot your applications, done. Do so vice-versa for uninstalling. There are many so-called font manager utilities (free or commercial) which can do that for you, among many useful additional functions.

Installing fonts on Windows 7

Very easy. Right-click on your font's icon and select Install or Install Alias command. To uninstall, go to Fonts folder in your Control Panels, select and Delete the unwanted fonts.