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3. 7. 1966
Lives and works in Prague, South Bohemia and South Goa.

1982-1985 High school of Arts in Prague
1985-91 The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, prof. Jan Solpera

1991-95 assistant of prof. Jan Solpera at the Type & Typography studio, The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and also in 2002-03.
2003 - 2008 head of Type & Typography studio, AAAD in Prague

1993-4 founded Storm Type Foundry
2004 opened the first Czech online font shop www.stormtype.com

During his creative career FŠ exposed his work on several group exhibitions together with Czech designers, and on single exhibitions.
1998 galerie „Die Aktualität des Schönen“ in Liberec (Czech) František Štorm: Typography and design
2000 Mexico City, together with other Czech graphic designers
2006 München (Germany), Czech Centre, Typography
2009 St. Gallen (Switzerland), Typography
2009 Kašperské Hory (Czech), Watercolor paintings from India
2011 Horká vana club České Budějovice (Czech), Woodcuts and illustrations
2013 Křič Fest (brewery festival), Watercolor paintings from India
2015 České Budějovice - Galerie Hrozen (H)různé věci, drawings, graphics, objects and typography
2016 spring K-A-V-K-A bookstore, Prague - Ermina Bar monolog art illustrated book
2016 summer Galerie Chaos Střítež - Phenakistoscopes and various pictures
2016 účast na skupinové výstavě "Život je bolestný a přináší zklamání" - Plzeň a Praha 2017

since 1993 till present times: book designs for Vetus Via publishers (Czech)
since 1993 till 2007: editorial design and illustrations for „Lázeňský Host“ - czech underground magazine published by Regula Pragensis
since 1995 till 2006 graphic design for Togga publishers (Czech)
2011 – 2013 illustrations and graphic design for collected works of H. P. Lovecraft in five volumes for „Plus“ publisher (Czech)
2015: Illustrations for John Muir - Paseka publishers
2017. Illustrations for Bram Stoker's Dracula - Argo publishers

2008 - Eseje o Typografii / Revolver Revue, (published in Czech language so far).
Since 1993 till present times continually issues printed brochures and catalogues to new typefaces

Other Activities:
1987 co-founded metal band Master's Hammer, which in course of time turned out as to be a significant contribution to world's underground Black Metal development. The band split in 1992. Renewed as studio project in 2009 with the album „Mantras“, followed by „Vracejte Konve na Místo“ in 2012, and „Vagus Vetus“ in 2014. FŠ does album the band's albums design as well. 2015 - co-founded electro-metal-horrorcore band Mortal Cabinet (music, some lyrics, all graphic design).

2001 “Excellent Product of the Year” by Design Center of the Czech Republic (TypoKatalog 2000)
2001 "Excellence in Type Design" by bukva:raz! - ATypI (Biblon)
2004 MyFonts Best Fonts of 2004, MyFonts Rising Star (Andulka)
2005 MyFonts Best Fonts of 2005 (Etelka typeface)
2005 Revolver Revue Award
2008 Type Directors Club TDC2 Type System (Anselm typefaces)
2008 Typographica Favorite Typefaces of 2008 (Baskerville Original Pro)
2008 International Type Design Competition "Modern Cyrillic", (Moyenage typefaces)
2009 Typographica Favorite Typefaces of 2008 (Moyenage, Comenia Serif)
2009 „Eseje o typografii“ book nominated for Magnesia Litera
2012 Golden Angel Award - Hard & Heavy Category / Czech TV (Master's Hammer – Vracejte Konve na Místo)
2016 Golden Angel Award - Hard & Heavy Category / Czech TV (Master's Hammer – Formulae)

Typefaces timeline:

1988 Regent
1993 Alcoholica, Bahnof
1994 Genre, Ideal Gothic, Mramor, Negro
1995 Tyfa Antikva (with Josef Týfa)
1996 DynaGrotesk, Excelsor Script, Regula Old Face, Tenebra
1997 Jannon, Mediaeval, Serapion
1998 Farao, Lexon Gothic, Modell, Splendid Quartett, Traktoretka
1999 Aichel, Antique Ancienne, Antique Moderne, Antique Regent, Preissig Antikva, Zeppelin
2000 Baskerville Original Pro, Biblon, Compur, Lobcziowes, Patzcuaro, Plagwitz, Solpera (with Jan Solpera)
2001 Cobra, John Sans, Hercules, Pentagraf
2002 Teuton, Walbaum 10
2003 Sebastian
2004 Andulka Serif, Metron (with Marek Pistora), Politic, Tusar
2005 Areplos (With Jan Solpera), Amor Sans, Amor Serif, Etelka
2006 Comenia Serif, Pivo, Technomat, Vida
2007 Anselm Sans, Anselm Serif, Academica, Gallus Konzept, Hexenrunen, Stencilul
2008 Briefmarken, Defender, Moyenage, Regula
2009 Header, Lokal Script (custom fonts for Lokál restaurants), Moyenage Sans
2010 Bhang, Fenix, Rondka, Walbaum 120, W. Grotesk
2011 Andulka Sans, Enamelplate, Friedhof, Splendid Sans, Chric (custom fonts for Chříč brewery)
2012 Clara Sans and Clara Serif (with Rostislav Vaněk), Hammertone, Trivia Grotesk, Trivia Sans, Trivia Serif, Trivia Slab
2013 Josef Sans, Rooftile, Trivia Gothic, Trivia Humanist
2013 – Storm Type Library of typefaces reached the number of 1.000 single fonts.
2014 Pepone, StCroce, Lobec (custom fonts for Lobeč brewery)
2015 Quercus Sans, Quercus Serif, Quercus Ten, Quercus Whiteline

...to be continued...

František Štorm